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Our visions for current and future generations to naturally understand and embrace their individual impact on the environment through better educational understanding and take equal responsibility to alleviate it where reasonably possible.

The Prime8 visions

Vision of good water appreciation: use of water minimized and respected where its availability is taken for granted, so that those with poor access may be better assisted in safely and easily obtaining the world’s most important commodity.

Vision of no litter and minimal packaging: in the UK alone, statistics show that 30,000 tonnes of litter are collected across the nation every year at a cost of £1bn. Similar situations exist elsewhere across the globe. We can all take responsibility for litter, even if we collect something we did not leave ourselves. Reduced packaging brings down the amount of resources used to deliver a product to market and thus its environmental impact. Reduced packaging will also lead to less litter of course.

Vision of wildlife rainforest protection: rainforests across the globe offer a unique environment for an array of wildlife. It was recently declared by biologists and conservation scientists that it would take decades to document the sheer volume of insects and all other life contained in the rainforests of the world. These areas also produce approximately 20% of the world’s oxygen.

Vision of habitat conservation and biodiversity respect: where every planned development to an area of land or water gives specific focus to the existing habitats in those locations within the planning process. This in turn should have equal bearing on the entire project, as to its impact and whether the habitat is sustainable if the project is undertaken.

Vision of competent recycling: once an item can no longer be used, can its contents be recycled? There are already visionary scientists who predict the mining of old waste landfill sites to access important resources from items buried in landfill in the past. If something can be cost-effectively and efficiently recycled for better use, then it should be.

Vision of a cleaner atmosphere: many nations have made huge improvements to their levels of polluting emissions. The car industry has been a crucial leader of this movement. However, it can be argued that the relocation of certain manufacturing infrastructures to other parts of the world to save costs and local environmental impact has served only to relocate some of the emission issues. There are still many nations struggling to contain increasing emission levels, and their customers must bear some responsibility for this impact as a result.

Vision of practising better exercise & diet plans: young people develop habits from an early age. Regular safe and approved exercise is good for us all and, combined with a balanced healthy diet, this is undoubtedly something to promote from those early years onward.

Vision of healthy seas and oceans: with 71% of the world’s surface being covered by water, it is imperative that we look after the health of those areas. These areas all have their own wildlife and eco-systems, which are essential to their health and sustainability. Structured practices must be maintained for the fisheries which frequent those areas, and any polluting elements very carefully monitored to ensure there are no damaging impacts.


With our supply of fun and engaging educational tools with an environmental focus, we are determined to make a difference to the younger generation and their future environment.
“Protecting our tomorrows” is a statement designed to bring us all together in our common goal to embrace our environment and live a healthier lifestyle through play.


There are over 20,000 primary schools in the UK, serving an estimated 4.2m children. It is our goal for every one of these children to have cost-effective access to our educational tools by 2020.


We have simultaneous strategies in place to make our current educational tools available in Sri Lanka where we currently share our ideas and methods. Prime8 is also actively working with the “Elephants must roam free” organization in Sri Lanka. From our base there we will enter the Indian market initially in Kolkata from Spring 2017. Other overseas locations are in the pipeline thereafter.

8 Educational Ambitions

1. Water Conservation

Use less, treat it better and appreciate its value. Water is the world’s most precious commodity!

2. Litter and Packaging

Less packaging will mean less litter. If you have litter, put it in the bin!

3. Recycling

We all need ‘things’. Once they can no longer be used, can their contents be recycled?

4. Exercise and Diet

It is said ‘we are what we eat’ so try to eat a healthy and balanced diet and partake in regular exercise.

5. Wildlife and Rainforest

With thousands of species living in rain forests, they are essential! They are also a key source of the Earth’s oxygen supply.

6. Habitat conservation & Biodiversity

Woodlands, grasslands, swamps…whatever the habitat, support important insects, animals and a plethora of plant life.

7. Healthy Seas and Oceans

All land is ultimately surrounded by sea. Water makes up approximately 71% of the Earth’s surface. Seas and oceans contain a multitude of lifeforms and are also an enormous source of food. We need to respect and look after these valuable resources.

8. Clean Atmosphere and Pollution Reduction

As we move around the world more and more, we create pollution and a ‘carbon footprint’. Better transportation methods and power creation strategies will help to create a cleaner atmosphere.

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