The 8th Continent

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About Prime8 Characters

Each character was specially selected by Prime8 and inducted into the team so that Prime8 Island can be developed into the most environmentally friendly land on earth.

Given the knowledge and experience of mankind, it is now possible to create a civilization with a ‘clean slate’, with a chance to learn from mistakes by crafting, building and feeding the population using only the best environmental practice.

The collective skills of the Prime8 team mean they are able to create, nurture and maintain a clean environment, as well as living a healthy lifestyle like never before: growing crops as naturally as possible; creating homes with minimal carbon footprints; developing green energy availability; ensuring all resources are utilised sustainably and efficiently; maintaining clean streets, fields, waterways and woodlands; respecting all existing habitats and the wildlife they contain and protecting the surrounding seas from polluting emissions and resource deprivation.

Primasia – the 8th continent, protected by Prime8. Let us start as we mean to go on…

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