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Prime8 Music Anthem

Every Prime8 character has a specially designed concise catchphrase. These phrases reflect their own particular skill and belief.

Together they are the ultimate environmental action team! Filmed on the southern shores of Prime8 Island, a visiting yacht lies in the bay as the gang sing their hearts out in the fantastic sing-along for all the family.

The gang are visited by one of the island’s mischievous visitors, Steven Seagull – much to the annoyance of the Island’s resident master of statistics and Film Director, Bob Bird!

The song will be made available on January 1 2017 in conjunction with the release of the pilot computer game that will roll out in partnership with Eco-Schools England. The pilot game will be available free of charge to all wishing to participate in a short survey designed to help us create the ultimate world of Primasia in 2017!

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