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PC Game software

We utilize two primary software engines to create 2D and 3D games.

Prime8 Wintermute SoftwareWintermute™ software enables us to use a combination of real photography and character interaction to provide realistic adventure games for children. Explore areas from the safety of a computer, searching for hidden items, undertaking tasks, learning curriculum linked information and answering questions as they play.
Wintermute™ software cannot function ‘in-browser’ so it is necessary for these games to be physically downloaded to a PC/Tablet in order to function.

Prime8 Unity 3DUnity™ 3D gaming software is used in creation of our cartoon based game – an environmental adventure game that allows the player to explore Prime8 Island as one of our characters. The player is able to change character depending on tasks or ability required and is encouraged to craft and develop the island into the ultimate eco-location on Planet Earth. Mini adventures enable specific focus on environmental topics and curricular activity. This software is playable online.

Eco Music creation

Prime8 Eco Music CreationIt all started with the creation of the Prime8 Anthem ‘For want of Something Better’, written by our Audio team with specific purpose of introducing our environmental education characters to the audience. Other similar songs are under development and will be released as part of our on-line adventure game and environmental campaigns. The website also enables children to create their
own tunes and send them to friends as MP3 files from the
Prime8 Media Centre.

PC Storyboard Software

Prime8 Story Board SoftwareFrom 2017 Prime8 will be in partnership with Chinese Educational Authorities in the creation and distribution of self-animated storyboard software. Children will be able to create their own storyboard pertaining to whatever environmental topic they wish. This software operates on Smartphones and Tablets.

Puppet Roadshows

Prime8 Puppet RoadshowBespoke Roadshows will be available from Summer 2017 – designed to run directly alongside our online adventure game. These will look to emphasize elements contained in our on-going environmental campaigns – designed to bring real life, hands-on focus to school children. In turn this will ensure they understand how what they learned in play can be used first-hand with friends and family and tie in exactly
with curriculum criteria.

8 Educational Ambitions

1. Water Conservation

Use less, treat it better and appreciate its value. Water is the world’s most precious commodity!

2. Litter and Packaging

Less packaging will mean less litter. If you have litter, put it in the bin!

3. Recycling

We all need ‘things’. Once they can no longer be used, can their contents be recycled?

4. Exercise and Diet

It is said ‘we are what we eat’ so try to eat a healthy and balanced diet and partake in regular exercise.

5. Wildlife and Rainforest

With thousands of species living in rain forests, they are essential! They are also a key source of the Earth’s oxygen supply.

6. Habitat conservation & Biodiversity

Woodlands, grasslands, swamps…whatever the habitat, support important insects, animals and a plethora of plant life.

7. Healthy Seas and Oceans

All land is ultimately surrounded by sea. Water makes up approximately 71% of the Earth’s surface. Seas and oceans contain a multitude of lifeforms and are also an enormous source of food. We need to respect and look after these valuable resources.

8. Clean Atmosphere and Pollution Reduction

As we move around the world more and more, we create pollution and a ‘carbon footprint’. Better transportation methods and power creation strategies will help to create a cleaner atmosphere.

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