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Things We Have Done

County Council Stationery

Prime8 County Council StationarySeveral County Councils have used our environmental characters in the creation of attractive and useful stationery items to be used in classrooms, from rulers made from recycled plastic to bespoke note pads and writing paper made from recycled paper.

Composting Campaigns

Prime8 Composting CampaignsComposting programs at school locations and corporate sites have been achieved over many years. School children were encouraged to compost vegetable and garden waste on site and the process was explained in conjunction with our composting promotion characters. A similar process was used in some zoo parks, composting of herbivore animal dung in the creation of Junglepoo. Huge quantities of
this product have been sold in bulk to numerous
National Parks and Gardens over the years.

Supermarket practice improvement

Prime8 Biodegradable Plastic BagsIntroduction of degradable additives to supermarkets for production of carrier bags. This results in a huge reduction in the use of packaging. We are striving to provide more innovative methods of packaging reduction at retail and wholesale level. Improvements in shipping methods are also being explored as well as the utilization of more environmental partnership shipping methods using
engine-less sail cargo ships for the movement of bulk
product across the globe.

8 Educational Ambitions

1. Water Conservation

Use less, treat it better and appreciate its value. Water is the world’s most precious commodity!

2. Litter and Packaging

Less packaging will mean less litter. If you have litter, put it in the bin!

3. Recycling

We all need ‘things’. Once they can no longer be used, can their contents be recycled?

4. Exercise and Diet

It is said ‘we are what we eat’ so try to eat a healthy and balanced diet and partake in regular exercise.

5. Wildlife and Rainforest

With thousands of species living in rain forests, they are essential! They are also a key source of the Earth’s oxygen supply.

6. Habitat conservation & Biodiversity

Woodlands, grasslands, swamps…whatever the habitat, support important insects, animals and a plethora of plant life.

7. Healthy Seas and Oceans

All land is ultimately surrounded by sea. Water makes up approximately 71% of the Earth’s surface. Seas and oceans contain a multitude of lifeforms and are also an enormous source of food. We need to respect and look after these valuable resources.

8. Clean Atmosphere and Pollution Reduction

As we move around the world more and more, we create pollution and a ‘carbon footprint’. Better transportation methods and power creation strategies will help to create a cleaner atmosphere.

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